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Floral Collar - Curli TailFloral Collar - Curli Tail
31% OFF
Floral Collar

Give your pet an identity with these amazing pet collars. A customizable lightweight neck collar with a hybrid buckle makes it comfortable to wear for your fur kids. The buckle is made of safe plastic...

Rustic Collars - Curli TailRustic Collars - Curli Tail
31% OFF
Rustic Collars

A classic collection of collars from Curli Tail, for your special fur friends who deserves all the care and attention. Our collars are made of safe material, durable, and customizable buckle, where you can get...

Vibrant collars - Curli TailVibrant collars - Curli Tail
Vibrant collars

Your pet will look timelessly trendy with our vibrantly colorful collars. Get durable, customizable pet collars at the lowest prices. Be it a casual walk or a lazy day at home, these collars make your...