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We started CurliTail with a mission.

“Pet’s right to Live”

Venus and Jupiter, this is how we named our pets when we found them at a rescue shelter.

Venus - a Bulldog, was said to be found in cold and freezing temperatures. It was rescued just on time by the rescue team. When they took him to the Vet, he was barely breathing. It took 1-2 hours to bring him back to life.

The way Jupiter was found was no different. Jupiter is a Beagle puppy that was found outside a community under similar circumstances. Rescuers assume it was left out by its owner and the pet wandered away. She was rescued by a team of volunteers.

Having adopted Venus and Jupiter, made our life so pleasant and happy. Their cuddly paws and snuggly tails, make us love nature more and more.

Sometimes we felt, what would have happened if the rescuers didn’t find them. We then googled out, what we found was quite disturbing. There were many animal deaths reported every year and mostly reported during the cold and freezing conditions. In 2019 alone there were 37 deaths reported due to cold weather. This came to us as a shock.

That moment, we decided to fight our way to make our voice felt. “Pet’s have a right to live”.

With CurliTail, we bring an amazing line up of pet accessories, safety kits, and many pet products. Because we love all animals as much as you do.

Come and explore the best in class products to enhance every precious moment with your fur friends.

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