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Upcoming Pet Holidays For The Month Of February

01/02/2023 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

Pets in our life keep us in good spirits as they are very doting and loyal. They give myriad health benefits, from peace of mind to keeping the owner fit. Petting dogs reduce stress after a long working day by increasing Oxytocin levels. Our physical health is also taken care of when we take them on a daily walk. While they do so much for us, pets need special days too. With February coming up, we have a list of pet holidays to cheer our little fur friends.

February Pet Holidays

Coming after January, a month of celebrations and new tidings, the winter month of February brings serenity into our lives. Our furry little friends can be cozy, joyful, and heart-warming for the owner during these winter days. Dog clothes for winter can be your best choice of gift for the month of February.

Following are some interesting observances and pet holidays for pampering our pets in February.

Month Long Observances

Beat the heat month-

Spaying and neutering animals help them have better health benefits by preventing malignant cancers and infections. 50% of dogs and 90% of cats are usually affected by such diseases. Beat the heat month is observed to help the animals to eliminate their heat cycles by spaying and neutering. February is also known as Spay/neuter awareness month, another name for Beat the heat month.

Dog training education month-

Effective communication is key to a healthy relationship between the canine and the owner. In February, Dog training education month, professional trainers help the owners recognize their pet's behavior and build trust through improved communication.

Feline fix by five month-

To spread awareness about the spaying and neutering of cats, 'Feline fix by five month' is observed in February. Owners may take social media help, donate to spaying/neutering organizations and educate themselves about spaying and neutering this month.

National cat health month-

History of cat petting dates back some 3000 years to the Egyptian Era. National cat health month reminds us of the health and well-being of our domestic kitties. Owners can attend veterinary care centers for medical examinations and health check-ups this month.

National pet dental health care month-

February is the month for dental care and tooth extractions for our furry friends. It is observed that 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by the time they are three years old. Therefore, taking them to the vet for a dental health check-up is essential. National pet dental health care month is celebrated to steer clear of our animal friends' dental health problems.

National prevent a litter month-

Litter can only be prevented with your cats or dogs spayed or neutered. 'National prevent a litter month' marks pet owners' responsibility to ensure that their pets are spayed or neutered. Spaying/neutering of pets is essential to prevent uterine diseases, infections, and tumors in the reproductive tract and breast tumors in female dogs or cats. In male pets, we can prevent testicular cancer and other prostate problems.

Responsible pet owner month-

February is the time to gain awareness of what responsibilities are to be held by pet owners. Our pets are no less than our children, which is why pet owners are sometimes referred to as pet parents. Basic responsibilities include the following:

  • Once they are adopted, pets are a part of your family. They need to be cared for like your children, giving them warmth, love, and affection.

  • See that your pets are identified by tying an ID tag around their neck in case they get lost or stolen. Check out the collection of the latest dog collars with the name engraved on the buckle from the Curlitail online store.

  • Make your house pet-proof and see that harmful products or food are out of reach from your pets.

  • Getting them a regular health check-up from a veterinarian.

  • Check if they are getting sufficient exercise to keep them active and going.

  • Socializing is also important for pets as it reduces anxiety and has shown easier handling on the Vet's examination table.

Pet holidays 2023

Week-long Observance

Have a heart for chained dogs week-

From February 7th to 14th, 'Have a heart for chained dogs' week is observed. Chaining and tethering of dogs can prove to be fatal because it has been noticed that pets can get frustrated and attack children. When the dogs are left unattended for long hours after tethering them, it affects their psychological well-being. It is a cruel practice, and in the wake of protecting the pets, this week is founded.

National justice for animals week-

This week falls between February 20th and 26th and is observed to create awareness on how to report animal abuse and provide justice to our pets by enforcing strong laws. Crimes like animal neglect, animal fighting, acts of abuse, bestiality, badgering, and abandonment are addressed to protect the animals.

Following are one-day pet holidays in chronological order.

One-Day Pet Holidays

Sled dog day-

Every year on February 2nd, 'Sled dog day' is celebrated. Sled dogs are used for pulling sleds with heavy loads. Sled dogs carried out transportation in Northern regions where other modes of transport were difficult. Sled dog races are organized yearly and are used in polar expeditions too. What more to celebrate than a day for Sled dogs?

Doggy date night-

Pets also need some indulgence like us. February 3rd is Doggy date night, perfect for indulging with your pets. You can take them to a dog-friendly store and buy them some cool stuff or a dog-friendly restaurant. An arrangement for a home spa is a refreshing way to pamper your pups.

International Golden retriever day-

Yes, we are celebrating International Golden retriever day on February 3rd for one of the best breeds in the world, Golden retrievers. Kristen Shroyer, a blogger on Golden retrievers, created this day. She is the owner of a Golden retriever named Quincey, whose birthday is on February 3rd. Sadly, she lost her pet to cancer when it was seven years old.

National pet theft awareness day-

The annual event of National pet theft awareness day is celebrated on February 14th. Many pets are getting abducted yearly, and there should be a way to protect them. This day reminds us about the safety measures to be taken so that our pets are not kidnapped.

Love your pet day-

There should be a day to celebrate the special bond between our furry companions and their human owners. On 'Love your pet day,' we spread love and joy to our mushy pet friends. The day falls on February 20th. We can celebrate this day with a warm hug, giving a special treat, dressing them up, or taking them for a walk. You can even get your dog a personalized dog collar at CurliTail as a token of your appreciation and love.

Walking the dog day-

On February 22nd, we celebrate 'Walking the dog day.' Our animal friends need some exercise too, to keep them active. They have also been of great help to their owners to keep them physically fit by engaging them in walking routines. It's a great day to take your dogs on a walk and socialize. A beautiful dog harness and leash set can give your dog a spectacular look during the walks.

International dog biscuit appreciation day-

Every canine is treated to different varieties of dog biscuits and snacks on 'International dog biscuit appreciation day,' February 23rd. You can make your dog biscuits or order some from nearby stores. It's a day to appreciate the variety of biscuits and snacks for dogs. An American manufacturer named James Spratt developed the first dog biscuits in the mid-19th century. This day is also observed as 'National dog biscuit day.'

World Spay Day-

Actress Doris Day created this day in 1995 through her organization Doris Day Animal League in the wake of controlling the population of dogs and cats in human society. It started as Spay Day USA on February 28th of, 1995, and then became an annual event. Spaying and neutering also help prevent diseases and tumors and help keep the animals healthy.


Our pets deserve pet holidays as they have benefitted owners in several ways, from health benefits to giving us security at home. We encourage owners to adopt dogs and provide them with a family and shelter. National Rescue Dog Day on May 20th is celebrated to promote the adoption of millions of dogs and pups in need of homes.

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