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Upcoming Pet Holidays For The Month Of April

31/03/2023 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

April is filled with opportunities to celebrate and appreciate our beloved pets. It is a time to raise awareness about important issues like pet safety, health, and adoption. Whether you are a cat lover, a dog lover, or have other furry friends, there are plenty of ways to get involved and show your support. From volunteering at your local shelter to hosting a pet adoption event, there are many ways to impact the lives of pets in your community positively.

So, let's take this opportunity to give our furry friends the recognition they deserve from pet accessories online and celebrate all the joy they bring into our lives!

Month Long Observances

Canine Fitness Month

The International Association of Canine Professionals observes Canine Fitness Month in April to promote dog fitness. It involves organized walks and runs to encourage dog owners to prioritize their pet's well-being through exercise and various other activities.

National Heartworm Awareness Month

National Heartworm Awareness Month is observed to raise awareness about heartworm disease in pets. Sponsored by the American Heartworm Society, some activities include educational programs, fundraising events, and social media campaigns. The goal is to encourage regular testing and protect pets from this deadly disease, making it an important reminder for pet owners.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month is observed annually in April by the American Society. This observance promotes animal welfare and responsible pet ownership to raise awareness about animal abuse and neglect. The goal is to encourage people to report animal abuse and ensure animals are treated with kindness and compassion.

Active Dog Month

Active dog month focuses on constantly checking and maintaining an active lifestyle for pets. Spending quality time with pets while involving them in outdoor games or swimming is the best way to observe this month.

National Adopt a Greyhound Month

This campaign encourages people to consider adopting retired racing greyhounds as pets. Greyhounds are known for their sweet and gentle nature, and many need loving homes after their racing careers are over.

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

This campaign raises awareness about the importance of knowing basic first aid techniques for pets and having a pet first aid kit. The American Red Cross offers online courses and resources for pet first aid.

Week-Long Observations

April 2-8: International Pooper Scooper Week

The week-long event is dedicated to raising awareness about cleaning up after your pets. It encourages responsible pet ownership and promotes a clean and healthy environment for pets and people.

April 9-15: National Dog Bite Prevention Week

It encourages responsible pet ownership, teaches children and adults how to interact safely with dogs, and provides resources and information to help prevent dog bites. The week is typically observed during the second week of April.

April 16-22: National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week is a week-long event promoting the importance of pet identification. It encourages pet owners to ensure their pets have pet ID tags and microchips in case they become lost. You may choose the latest designer collars that are stylish for your pets. The week is typically observed during the third week of April.

One-Day Observations

April 3: Every Day is Tag Day (the first Saturday in April)

Every day on the first Saturday of April promotes the importance of identifying pets. It reminds owners to update tags and collars for their pets' safety.

April 6: National Siamese Cat Day

What a 'purrfect' day! We honor the most beautiful Siamese cats, also known as "Meezers." These furry friends are one of the world's most popular cat breeds.

April 8: National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Raises awareness about the cruel and illegal practice of dog fighting. It involves pitting two dogs against each other, often resulting in severe injuries or death. The day encourages reporting and legislation aimed at ending dog fighting.

April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day

To encourage spending quality time with furry friends, reducing stress, and improving mood. Celebrate national hug day by walking, playing games, and gifting a harness and leash set. Pay attention to your dog's body language and avoid overstimulation if they seem uncomfortable or anxious.

April 11: National Pet Day

This pet holiday celebrates all pets and the joy they bring to our lives. It's a day to spoil your pet with extra love and attention and to raise awareness about pet adoption and responsible pet ownership.

April 11: Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

This day raises awareness about the benefits of adopting shelter pets and encourages adoption. Show support for animal shelters and consider adopting a pet with a unique story.

April 21: Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

This national pet holiday celebrates the lovable and unique characteristics of bulldogs, a popular dog breed known for their wrinkly faces and friendly personalities. It's also an opportunity to raise awareness about bulldog health issues and promote responsible breeding practices.

April 23: National Lost Dog Awareness Day

Raises awareness about lost dogs and provides resources for safe and timely returns. Tips include:

  • 1. Microchipping.

  • 2. ID tags.

  • 3. Searching local areas.

  • 4. Posting flyers and social media.

  • 5. Using animal shelters and rescue organizations.

April 24: World Veterinary Day (last Saturday in April)

Promote the important role of veterinarians in animal health, public health, and food safety. The World Veterinary Association selects a theme each year, and various activities are organized globally to showcase their expertise.

April 25: National Pet Parents Day (April's last Sunday)

Recognize and value pet parents' vital role in the lives of their furry companions. It's an opportunity to celebrate the human-animal bond, raise awareness of responsible pet ownership, and encourage adoption from animal shelters and rescue organizations.

April 26: National Kids and Pets Day

This day promotes the bond between children and their pets while educating families on the benefits of pet ownership. The day encourages spending quality time with pets, raising awareness about pet safety, and teaching children how to interact with pets respectfully.

April 28: International Guide Dog Day (April's last Wednesday)

The day is dedicated to recognizing the work of guide dogs who assist the visually impaired in navigating the world, raising awareness about their role, and supporting organizations that provide guide dogs to those in need.

April 30: Hairball Awareness Day (last Friday in April)

Cat owners can prevent hairballs by brushing their cats, giving a healthy diet, and using hairball prevention products, which is observed on the last Friday of April.


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