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Top 5 Pet Spas in USA to groom your furry friend

18/08/2022 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

Every pet parent does their best to keep their pet friends happy and healthy. One of them is regularly taking your pet to a spa for grooming and giving them a best-in-show look. Many people consider that dogs are groomed to maintain their appearance and to look cute. However, it is not only for their appearance but also their well-being as regular grooming facilitates early diagnosis of any health complications. A professional spa can benefit you more in this endeavor. In case you are already searching for the perfect spa for your furry friends. Check out this article, as here we have simplified your task by listing the top 5 spas for your pet. Look into what they are.


The first stop is PetSmart, the largest known Pet Spa, which offers various services and solutions for all of your pet's needs. There are around 1,650 PetSmart stores in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. PetSmart may be the ideal option for your beloved pet because its staff has completed more than 800 hours of hands-on training and certification. Moreover, they adhere to the industry's strictest safety standards. To ensure that their experts are subjected to monthly safety scenario training and annual safety re-certification. It even assists in finding homes for every known pet by collaborating with more than 4,000 animal care organizations. So, No doubt you can trust PetSmart, as it is more than a professional pet spa. It is a truly loving place where your furry friends are served with utmost care at the best prices.


Second, take a look at Petco, founded in 1965, and today it is available in 1,500 Petco locations in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Petco is basically an American veterinary food supply company that has been in business for over 55 years and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of pets. Besides that, Petco offers different services with the highest standards of animal care. These standards are developed under the guidance of the Director of Veterinary Medicine, taking suggestions from several experts in animal care, behavior, and moral standards. When you visit Petco, their certified stylists begin with a seven-point check, a quick screening to ensure that your pet is at ease. Later, they offer various packages tailored based on your pet's specific needs. For your convenience, Petco provides grooming services that can be booked online or through the Petco app. Eventually, you may assume that these services will be expensive, but they won't be because they'll match your budget well.


Next, check out Camp Bow wow, an enjoyable and reliable dog care service since 2000. Camp Bow Wow has over 200 camps located throughout North America. Camp Bow Wow offers much more than grooming, daycare, and boarding. As pet groomers, they make sure that every dog receives love and care and provide excellent ways to relax. You may trust camp bow wow's dog services since they are all offered by highly skilled, qualified camp counselors who are trained in pet first aid, emergency care, and dog behavior patterns. Moreover, you may get the best pet grooming here as they offer services tailored to your pet's breed, size, and coat length. They also have live webcams that you can use from anywhere to ensure that your furry friends are comfortable.

Notice a variation in your pet's joy at the best pet spa around you


Dogtopia is the next stop, offering dog daycare, boarding, and spa services. They operate more than 190 clinics across the United States and Canada. All these clinics are designed to have safe and clean open play areas for your pet that emphasize socialization and training. Most importantly, apart from this peaceful ambiance, it has all the latest spa amenities to comfort your furry friend. Above all, Dogtopia exclusively uses only natural shampoo, conditioner, and other products best to fit the skin and coat of your dog. You can trust Dogtopia for the safest grooming since all spa staff is thoroughly trained in treating different dogs of all sizes and temperaments. With the help of their webcams, you can constantly take pleasure in your dog grooming from anywhere.


Also, check out Earthwise pet, a professional dog spa that has been in business for almost four decades serving over 150 locations. At Earthwise pet, you may discover pet wellness centers with wide grooming services, daycare, premium feed, and all other pet supplies. These spas are built keeping in mind the comfort and safest grooming of the pet. The spa only uses natural products and stays away from harsh chemicals to protect the environment. EarthWise Pet has also developed an original pet nutrition training program, and its staff is encouraged to obtain Pet Nutrition Specialist certification. The nicest part is that they provide self-service washing stations where you can choose everything you need to bathe your dog.

To Conclude

Our pets are not only our best buddies but also the ones to whom we owe more responsibilities. As a responsible pet parent, taking your dog to a pet spa is an excellent way to ensure they grow as healthy puppies. However, to offer safe dog grooming at the best prices, we must first learn all about pet groomers. When you learn and provide luxury grooming from a top spa, you will undoubtedly notice a variation in your pet's joy. After all, your pet deserves to be as trendy and have a best-in-show look just like you. Also, check out these suggestions if you're traveling with a pet to make the trip easier.

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