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Harness or Dog Collar?  - The Better Option for dog lovers

15/03/2022 | Sandra Dunkins

As modern time has brought us so many comfort goods to sustain life more easily, we look for the best option available in every aspect! Training our furry baby is also no exception. We have the best harness and collar to train our Fido with absolute control in our hands. There are also some personalized products available that have both of the features. So, we are confused about the better option- the harness or the collar.

Dog harness

The design of a dog harness is a bit complex. It gives more support to control the dog during the training period. Generally, the strap material is seen to cover the belly part as well as the chest and neck area. The dog harnesses that have front D rings on the chest are usually called front clip harnesses. The dogs that tend to pull a lot, this type of harness is the best choice to train them. Although, If your puppy is too rambunctious, it might get trapped in the straps.


● Beneficial for training purposes

● Well distributed pressure

● Stops the dog from jumping


● Expensive

● Unhealthy for continuous use

● No place to put dog ID


Dog collar

Comfort is the ultimate goal to keep your puppy delighted. This is why a dog collar is the most suitable choice for well-behaved pooches. This not only ensures control over dogs but also its aesthetic design adds beauty. The prong collars go deep into the dog’s neck. Whenever the leashes are pulled on, the prong structure causes irritability in them. Using this mechanism, you can refrain your dogs from unwanted activities.


● Economical choice

● Easy to use

● Applicable for everyday use

● Can hold dog ID and other important info


● Not suitable for aggressive dogs

● Very little prevention from jumping

You can effortlessly handle a hyperactive dog using collars that Curlitail exclusively produces. Curlitail is the one-stop destination for all kinds of pet accessories available online. It is one of the top chic pet accessories manufacturing brands in the world.

Different Dog collars and their specifications

After the training is accomplished, they also can recognize their playtime whenever you take out the dog collar. So, let’s look into the range of the Latest Dog Collars that Curlitail is offering. You can even incorporate your innovative designs for your special furry friend to get Personalized Pet collars from the online Curlitail store.

Floral Dog Collars

If you are looking for Floral Flower Collars, then Curlitail has the best options available in their online store that come in various fabrics, designs and colours.

Floral Cool Colours

These collars are made up of hand-picked cotton fabric. So, the quality is unquestionably sturdy. Handwoven methods are applied to sew the dog collars. You can also buy the Dog Collars and Leash Set to give your pet baby a chic look. The collars can be worn daily and the removable floral part can be incorporated on a special day to uplift the look. Besides that, You can also incorporate your dog’s ID in the floral collar to ensure your pet’s safety.

Free Engraving on Floral Collar and Leash Set

If you want to make your adorable friend even more pretty, you must need one of these big floral designed collars. This type of collar offers a range of colours including blue, purple, pink, sea green etc. The floral design comes in three sizes including big, medium and small. The fabric used here is nylon and it is suitable to wear throughout the year irrespective of weather conditions.

Plaid Dog Collars

If you are looking for some New Style Dog Collars with sophisticated and fashionable designs, Plaid Dog Collars would be the finest choice for you to showcase your pet friend’s elegance.

Free Engraving | Plaid Designer Dog Collar Leash Set

This royal collar design comes in four stunning colour options including blue, red, yellow and denim. If you want to buy the plaid collar for your pet in the exact size, you need to refer to the size chart and select accordingly. The collars are one of the few pet accessories that ensure pet safety. So, if you put your pet name and your contact details, Curliails would deliver your Personalized Dog Collars for your special furry buddy.

In conclusion

It can be concluded that you should determine your dog’s needs as per its activity to choose the best fit. If it is too boisterous, a harness would be the best, if not, the collar is the ultimate option for comfort and safety.

If you are looking for the best quality material in an economical price range, Curlitail would be the fairest choice to go for. You can even avail of a flat 75% off on purchases along with a fantastic free shipping offer.

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