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Upcoming Pet Holidays For The Month Of June 

31/05/2023 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

Wouldn't you agree that our four-legged friends, who are very much part of our family, deserve a special celebration? Pet holidays are special days that remind us to go the extra mile to rejoice in having a pet. Whether you take your pet on an outing, gift it with extra playtime, their favorite treat, or buy good pet accessories online , it all helps to make your pet happier.

Here is a list of pet holidays to observe in June.

Month-Long Observations

June has been named in the following ways in association with pets.

National Adopt A Cat Month

A good practice is to adopt a shelter cat instead of buying it. The American Humane Association founded June as national Adopt-A-Cat month to encourage people to give shelter to one or two cats from the thousands of rescued ones who struggle without the perfect resources at shelter homes. The association chose June because it is the time of the year when most cats are born. It has been 47 years since the pet festival was first observed, and the association has successfully motivated many people to adopt cats.

A disturbing fact is that in 2020 alone, approximately 920,000 cats and dogs have been euthanized in animal shelters due to illness and overpopulation. Adopting an animal can help you save a life and make it happy.

National Zoo And Aquarium Month

President Ronald Regan first proclaimed June as the National Zoo and Aquarium Month in 1982. The observance helps people recognize the important role of aquariums and zoos in preserving and researching wildlife and aquatic species.

National Pet Preparedness Month

June is declared National Pet Preparedness Month to remind pet owners about preparing pets for emergencies. The safety of pets is as important as our own safety. A few ways to guarantee the safety of your pet in an emergency are:

    1. Microchipping them for identification.

    2. Keeping a pet emergency kit ready. It should include the pet's photo as well.

    3. Including pets in the fire escape plan

    4. Letting your neighbors know your pet's hiding places so that they can come for help.

    5. Keeping a ready checklist of essential pet supplies to pack in an emergency. You can purchase pet accessories online and keep them ready for emergencies. Accessories like a personalized dog collar with its name and phone number, a dog harness and leash set, etc., would be useful if the pet gets lost in an unexpected situation.

Week-Long Events

As explained below, June has two week-long events celebrated in honor of animals.

Pet Appreciation Week (June 4 - 10, 2023)

The week starting from the first Sunday of June every year is celebrated as Pet Appreciation Week to emphasize the importance of pets and other animals in our lives to appreciate how they enrich and brighten our lives every day.

On this occasion, you can add to the joy by surprising your pet with a new toy, playing new games with it, feeding its favorite treats, or taking it for an outing.

Animal Rights Awareness Week (June 19 - 25, 2023)

First started in 1991, the third week of June every year is chosen to spread awareness of animal rights and protest animal abuse.

We deal with many forms of animal abuse in today's world. The week presents an opportunity to pledge your contribution to animal welfare by participating in initiatives like donating funds to trustworthy animal care organizations, going vegan, conducting animal rights campaigns, and any other initiatives for the benefit of those lovable creatures.

June Weeklong Events

Day-Long Events

The following days in June have been dedicated to celebrating the role of our cute four-legged fur babies in our lives.

June 4: National Hug Your Cat Day

It is an unofficial holiday celebrated to show some love toward pet cats by hugging them. Our hug can be soothing to the cat, though not all cats may prefer it.

June 4: International Corgi Day

Corgi is a very cute and cuddlesome breed of short-legged dogs. The Omaha Corgi Crew founded the day in 2011 to show love towards the 'vertically-challenged' breed.

June 13: World Pet Memorial Day

The second Tuesday in June is celebrated in honor of deceased pets who have been our loving and caring family friends. The National Pet memorial day is also celebrated on the second Sunday in September.

June 17: National Dog Dad Day

A new start by Ashley Bercaw in 2021 is the day before Father's Day and a moment of special celebration for men who raise dogs to rejoice in their mutual bond. You can shop for high-quality pet accessories online for the special day.

June 18: Veterinary Appreciation Day

Trupanion, a pet insurance provider from Washington, started celebrating this day in 2015 to recognize the hard work of veterinarians and the entire staff workers caring for pets.

June 19: Garfield The Cat Day

It is a celebration of the fictional cartoon cat and title protagonist Garfield from Jim Davis's cartoon strip of the year 1978, which holds a Guinness record for being the most widely syndicated strip in the world.

June 20: National Take Your Cat To Work Day

Since 2005, the third Monday in June has been chosen to raise awareness of the advantages of having the companionship of cats in our lives.

June 20: Ugliest Dog Day

The day is celebrated to avoid disparity towards dogs with not-so-good-looking features. An annual contest is held in Petaluma, California, to pick the ugliest dog whose owner wins a cash prize.

June 21: National Dog Party Day

How cool is it to let your canine party with fellow dogs? Arden Moore, a pet safety coach, created the day in 2011 to let the dogs socialize with each other and create a happy and fun-filled environment. 

June 23: Take Your Dog To Work Day

The Friday following Father's Day each year allows us to take the dog to work with us instead of leaving them behind at home. It is an apt occasion to show your dog to your colleagues proudly.

June 24: Cat World Domination Day

It is a weird holiday celebrated by cat lovers to recognize the power and supremacy of their feline species. It is a fantasy that cats will take over the world with their mysterious ways and increasing population, and it is just human love for these cute creatures that marks the day.

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