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At CurliTail, we carefully choose our fabric, to ensure your pets are comfortable using all our accessories. We predominantly use cotton fabric, which is vegan and smooth on fur.

Most of our fabrics are tightly woven, and are quality checked for ware and tear.

All our collars, leashes and harnesses are easy to clean and machine washable.


Here are few steps to clean your fabric collar:


1. Wash the collar with mild detergent.

2. Dry them under a shade. Drying them under hot sun may lead to fading of the color.

3. If you are using washing machine, remove the flower and place the collar in an enclosed cloth like pillow cover and put the collar in the washing machine.

4. Wash the flower separately with mild detergent.




1. Don't machine wash the flower. The flower may wrinkle and lose the elegance it carries.

2. Never dry a heavily printed fabric collar in sun or heat. This may lead to a change in the original floral color.

If you are using a bow collar or butterfly collar, you just have to follow the same washing instructions as shared above.


Here are few steps to clean your metal plate on the collar:


1. Wash the  metal parts with dish soap or  mild dog shampoo.

2.  If you see the metal portions of the collar are rusty, you can use mild water and baking soda to clean it. Place a think layer of baking soda paste and apply it on the  metal portions. Let it dry for sometime and use a toothbrush to clear the metal portions. Let the collar dry in a shade for sometime.

Our leashes and harnesses are carefully hand-made to ensure safe usage for pets. All our harnesses are made with breathable fabric, which are easy to wash and maintain. You can machine wash all our harnesses.

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