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10 Tips For A Happy Travel With Your Pet

20/09/2021 | Sandra Dunkins

Do you agree that travelling with pet is fun!!?

Many people believe that travelling with dogs is extremely challenging. Some families can't imagine vacationing without their dogs. Traveling on road, particularly on long trips, necessitates some planning. You can't just assume you'll be able to get whatever your pet requires while on vacation.

If you're planning a trip with your pets, here are some guidelines to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable travel.

1. Prepare your pet for a long trip.

Pets get anxious on long journeys and new places. Take your pet on short journeys, slowly increasing the amount of time he spends in the car. Make sure they won't feel motion sick, worried, or upset while travelling. If they can't take a short journey calmly, they'll be uncomfortable on a longer one and should definitely stay at home.

 2. Feed your pet less or skip a meal before travel

Regardless of how accommodating you are with your pet, they will experience some anxiety, and diarrhea is a common symptom of stress among pets. To avoid the same, give your pet a light meal, three to four hours before you depart or simply forgo the last meal you'd normally give them before setting out on your journey.

 3. Do not forget your crate.

Buying a crate is the safest option for your pet to ride in the car. Make sure your pet can stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably in the carrier. Make sure not to add many toys into the crate, as it may reduce the space for the fur buddy in the crate

 4. Pet Friendly travel kit.

Pet first aid, collapsible bowls, waste scoop, plastic bags,a pillow and your pet’s favourite toys are few important things you must not miss before your travel.  Make sure not to forget to buy personalized collar, a leash, sweat jackets, and a harness for additional comfort during a travel.

 5. Enough food and water

Make sure you have adequate food for the entire journey, as well as a few additional days in case something goes wrong. Pets can easily become dehydrated when travelling if they don't have frequent access to water whenever they need it. When travelling, keep this in mind and bring enough of water for your four-legged companion.

 6. Pet Friendly accommodations

It can be tough to find pet-friendly hotels. Check their pet restrictions, as well as any additional fees, and look for pet-friendly restaurants and parks in the neighbourhood. There are many of hotels that provide pet-friendly amenities like doggie day care, but even if a hotel doesn't publicise its pet policy, it's never a bad idea to phone and inquire.

 7. Blankets, Beds and Toys

Even if your pet's crate isn't the best spot for all of their toys, that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring them along on vacation. Dogs are creatures who stick to their routines. If you're taking them on vacation, buy and bring products like beds, blankets, tents that smell familiar so they don't feel so alienated or anxious. When pets arrive at an unknown location, bringing their favourite items from home can help them feel more at peace.

 8. Plenty of rest stops

Allow your pet to exercise and eliminate on a regular basis by stopping regularly. Allowing your pet to leave the car without a collar, ID tag, or leash is never a good idea.

 9. Do not leave your pet alone in car

A parked car can quickly become a furnace on a hot day and a refrigerator on a cold day. At temperatures above 70°F or below 35°F. It is a safety hazard for your pet to stay alone in a car. Never leave your pet alone.

 10. Pet safety

The worst place to lose your pet is in an unfamiliar environment far away from home. Make sure they're easy to find before you go in case something goes wrong. We at CurliTail always focus on your pet's safety. In case you would like to shop, please visit our Personalized Dog Collars and Leashes section to find some amazing matches for your dog breed. Do let us know what you think of them. You can send us an email to

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