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Red Velvet: Personalized Fl...

Florals are always the trend!

These beautiful floral flower dog collars add to the beauty of nature. Your pet's love for nature is never-ending. We designed these amazing Flower Dog ID Collars to appease your pets and keep them safe.

Free Engraving on these Dog ID Collars makes them the exact safety gear that you must be looking for.

More Details about the floral flower dog id collar:

Type: Collars
Collar Type: Basic Collars
Material: Velvet Cotton
Type: Dogs
Season: All seasons
Pattern: Print
Feature: Personalized, Adjustable with removable flower
Pattern: Floral Printed Fabric
Washing: Cool Hand Wash
Personalized with Engraved name and phone: holiday gift, party, holiday gifts


Enter your fur friend’s name and phone number in the "Add Personalization" section to engrave it on the buckle.

Line 1: Daisy

Line 2: Phone Number




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We at CurliTail ensure we deliver our products with right details. Hence we choose to give a separate Instructional page for the size guide.

If you are choosing to buy a collar, here is the size chart for you: 

Collar Size Chart

Size Extra-Small Small Medium Large Extra-Large
Neck 8" - 12"
(20cm - 30cm)
11" - 15"
(27.5cm - 38cm)
12" - 20"
(31cm - 50cm)
15" - 24"
(38cm - 60cm)
17" - 26"
(43cm - 67cm)
Width 5/8"
Bow 2.15"x 3.35"
(5.5cm x 8.5cm)
2.15" x 10"
(5.5cm x 10cm)
2.15" x 10"
(5.5cm x 10cm)
2.75" x 4.75"
(7cm x 12cm)
2.75" x 4.75"
(7cm x 12cm)

*NOTE : Manual measurement error may exist 0.5-1 inch (1-3cm)

Many first-time pet-parents are often confused about how to measure the sizes of the pets, especially when it comes to buying something for their pawdorables.

Here are a few tips from our sizing experts. We often receive these questions in our chat window, here we chose to put them up for you here: 


1. How to measure my pet's neck size for a collar?


To measure your pet's neck for an accurately sized collar, we recommend using cloth tape that is smooth on the fur. Take a few inches below the head and accurately round up the neck with the tape. Insert two of your fingers, inside the ring to ensure the tape is not too tightly placed around the neck. Mark the tape, and take it off the neck. Check the length and map it to the appropriate size in the given size chart above.

If you don't have a tape and you are using a piece of cloth or a string, you just have one more step to do. Once you have taken off the tape, use a rigid ruler to measure the exact length and then map it to the appropriate size.


2. What is the size of Leash that you deliver?


We want your pets to be as much closer to you, when they accompany you for an evening stroll. Hence all our leashes come with a standard 5ft (150cm) size , for your convenience, pet's comfort and safety.

CurliTail Collar Size Chart


3. Should I buy a collar of exact size?


When it comes to pets, we always recommend to prefer safety and comfort over anything else. When you are looking for a collar, we recommend you to go with adjustable collars that can be used all along, as your pet starts growing. Make sure your pet is comfortable wearing the collar.


4. What should I do if my pet is not comfortable wearing the collar & leash?


Most of the first time pet parents have these curious questions. And we love to answer it for them. Typically when a pet is new to your home and is young, it is going through a lot of emotional challenges itself. Though some breeds adjust quite quickly, some do take time. We recommend you to wait till your pet feels comfortable around you, your home and its private space. You can slowly get her accustomed to the collar, by helping her wear it a few times when at home and rewarding her with treats, whenever she wears it.  

Taking her out for a walk whenever she wears the collar and leash, gets her into a habit and then she get acquainted with her new accessory.



Our safety harnesses are designed with breathable fabric, that is tested on fur. All our harnesses are adjustable to hold your fur baby safe when they are on a happy stroll.

 Harness Size Chart

Size Extra-Small Small Medium Large Extra-Large
Neck 13" - 15.5"
(33cm - 40cm)
13.5" - 17.5"
(35cm - 44cm)
15" - 19.5"
(38cm - 50cm)
23" - 27.5"
(58cm - 70cm)
17" - 26"
(43cm - 67cm)
Chest 13" - 19"
(33cm - 40cm)
16.5" - 23" 
(42cm - 58cm)
17.5" - 25"
(45cm - 63cm)
25.5" - 32"
(65cm - 82cm)

*NOTE : Manual measurement error may exist 0.5-1 inch (1-3cm)

1. How do I measure the chest size of my pet?


Many first-time pet parents find it difficult to measure their fur kids' sizes, especially the chest, neck, and girth regions.


When measuring the chest, always choose the wide area beyond your pet's armpits. Take a soft cloth tape, round it upright in the middle of your fur baby's rib cage. Make sure that you are not rounding up the tape too tight. Insert two of your fingers into the rounded length, to ensure the tape is not too tightly fitting. Remove the tape and measure the length of the tape. Map it to the chart and order accordingly.


2. Why do I need a harness?


A harness is used to hold your fur baby comfortably, while she accompanies you for an evening jog. It gives your fur baby warmth and comfort, holds her carefully when she is young. The harness helps you to hold the pet safely and prevents it from wandering away. Especially when younger pets are not used to a collar and leash, they tend to pull the leash too hard risking fractures on their neck bones. Harnesses can prevent these accidents from happening.



For more pet-related challenges, please write to us at We would be glad to assist you further.
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