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Why Dogs Love Their Collars and Leashes?

20/08/2021 | Sandra Dunkins

Pets are the cutest companions of human beings. And I love my dog when she is playing around. They are the happiest animals who never tire of loving us. I cannot imagine missing my Lille even for a day.


Taking care of your pet is as good as taking care of a baby. And safety of our fur companions is very important. While many perceive putting on a Dog Collar around our pet’s neck, is like making her feel uncomfortable and freaky. But here are the FIVE things to know about Dog Collars and Leashes, why our pets love them and why they are important:


  1. Attribute to Attention:

    Our pets are always playful and they demand our attention all the time. And when we train them with proper treats, they know when they are ready for our time. Dog Collar and Leash is one of the cue that they understand that it is a playtime. So grab these amazing collars, to help your fur kids enjoy their time with you!

  2. Engraved Collars – Sense of Safety:

    When we take our pets to crowded areas or areas where they become hyperactive, there are chances that your pets may wander away. To help your pets find their way back home, it would be wise to engrave their name on their collars, so any person who may find your pet, could return her back to you safely.

  3. Training:

    Dog Collars are an essential accessory, when you are training your pet dogs. If you have brought a puppy to your home, she may be hyperactive at times and could be difficult to be trained. However, when your pets wear the collars, they can easily be controlled for their behavior and corrected.

    Training Dog Collars and Leashes

  4. Collar and Leash – An essential safety accessory:

    Our pets seem well behaved at home. And we sometimes become overly confident that our pets do the same when we take them for a walk. However, there are chances that our pets may be influenced by the environment outside and they may lead to unexpected circumstances like getting into a fight with other dogs or animals around, or running into a heavy traffic road risking themselves. To avoid such unforeseen circumstances, the best way is to put her on a collar and leash. So you can protect her from anything unforeseen happening with our pets.

  5. Grooming Our Pets to be more responsible:

    While many may think that a dog needs a collar all the time. But that is not the case. As your pet grows up, she will get to live without these accessories. Collars and Leashes help your pets groom well and grow up as a responsible pet.

Dog Flower Collar and Leashes


Dog Collars have existed since long time. However, their importance has increased from just a controlling accessory to a training accessory. Now pet owners can walk comfortably with their pets, when they have their collars and leashes around their pets. Every pet owner is always scared that their pets may be at the risk of wandering away, getting themselves into a fight with other pet animals around or even running themselves into heavy traffic. All these incident can be prevented with just this safety accessory. 

With the love for pets and the cause that we work for “A Pet’s Right To Live Happily”, we at CurliTail bring you the latest models of Fabric Collars and Leashes. Our hand made fabric collars are fur-friendly and can be easily removed with a click of the buckle. Explore more at our store now.

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