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Upcoming Pet Holidays For The Month Of May

02/05/2023 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

  1. National Pet Month
  2. National Foster Care Month
  3. National Service Dog Eye Examination Month
  4. Chip Your Pet Month
  5. Lyme Disease Prevention Month
  6. Responsible Animal Guardian Month
  7. Canine Arthritis Awareness Month
  1. Be Kind To Animals Week
  2. National Pet Week
  3. Puppy Mill Action Week
  1. The National Purebred Dog Day
  2. The National Specially-Abled Pets Day
  3. Mayday For Mutts
  4. National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  5. German Shepherd Day
  6. National Dog Mom Day
  7. International Chihuahua Appreciation Day
  8. National Rescue Dog Day
  9. International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day

Like every month, May is filled with many pet holidays to celebrate our furry friends. The pet holidays observed in May promote awareness about their health issues, pet care, and the general well-being of our pets at home. Pet holidays not only allow celebrating the presence of pets, but they also spread awareness about the issues to be taken care of by our furry friends at home.

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Month-Long Observations

National Pet Month

May is observed as National Pet Month to increase awareness of responsible pet ownership. Various educational campaigns and other resources about pets achieve the goal of this celebration. The pet care programs conducted during this awareness month spread a year-long message.

Pet care includes providing our canine friends with comforting beds and seats for them to feel cared for and looked after. You may also get them pet ID Collars so they stay safe.

National Foster Care Month

The month of May encourages enthusiasm to own and foster a sheltered pet. Hence it is known as National Foster Care Month.

National Service Dog Eye Examination Month

The National Service Dog Eye Examination Month was initiated by the ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists). The month of May calls for the well-being of the service dogs and focuses on their eye checkup and addressing related issues. These eye screening tests among the service dogs help detect the presence of any ocular diseases in these dogs.

Chip Your Pet Month

Due to the loss of millions of fur animals or them being spotted by shelter homes, the microchipping of dogs has been introduced to protect them from this missing event. A microchip that is the size of a grain is being inducted into the feet of the pet, and the number on the chip is registered in humane societies, animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, and police stations. May is observed as chip your pet month to practice this religiously. Choosing a pet ID collar would also be a great choice to protect our fur kids from missing.

Lyme Disease Prevention Month

Lyme disease is caused in pets due to an attack from a tick-borne parasite. May is observed as Lyme disease prevention month to prevent Lyme disease in dogs. It aims at early identification and prevention of the disease.

Responsible Animal Guardian Month

This event is observed in May to remind pet owners about their complete ownership of the well-being of their furry friends.

Canine Arthritis Awareness Month

Just like humans, cats and dogs also suffer from the painful inflammation caused in joints called arthritis. T0 spread awareness on how to treat this condition in pets, May is observed as Canine Arthritis Awareness Month. It is observed by promoting suitable diets and introducing omega-3- fatty acid foods for these animals.

According to a recent market survey, the global Pet Care Market size was USD 179.45 Billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 184.43 billion before 2030, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.84%.

Week-Long Observations

May 7-13: Dog Anxiety Awareness Week

The Dog Anxiety Awareness Week, which happens to be between May 7th and 13th every year, focuses on identifying and treating emotional well-being and mental health issues in dogs.

May 7-13: Be Kind To Animals Week

This week is celebrated to spread awareness about protecting animals and their habitats and the need to be kind to them. This day is celebrated during the first week of May.

May 7-13: National Pet Week

This week encourages celebrating pets that daily enrich our lives. It is celebrated in the first full week of May. Veterinary technicians conduct informative and fun activities to treat our fur buddies this week.

May 8-13: Puppy Mill Action Week

This week is observed to act against the illegal activities of puppy mills that consider dogs as animals that can be sold or dumped at overcrowded shelter homes or killed if unwanted. This week spreads awareness against such inhumane acts against these cute furry buddies.


Day-Long Observations

Below is a list of day-long pet holidays observed in May.

May 1: The National Purebred Dog Day

This day is observed to celebrate the origin of the purebred dogs. This day honors the history and diversity of purebred dogs and indicates that every purebred breed existing has its purpose.

May 3: The National Specially-Abled Pets Day

This day is observed yearly to spread awareness of the special care for disabled furry creatures.

May 7: Mayday For Mutts

This event is celebrated on May 7th of every year to observe the presence of mixed-breed dogs and promote their adoption.

May 8: National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

We observe this day to spread awareness on the necessary actions towards pets during and after natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes, etc.,

May 10: German Shepherd Day

This day is observed every year to celebrate the existence of the noble breed German Shepherd.

May 13: National Dog Mom Day

National Dog Mom's Day is observed every second Saturday in May, and this day celebrates the women who love caring for their canine friends like a mother.

May 14: International Chihuahua Appreciation Day

Chihuahua Appreciation Day is observed on May 14th of every year to celebrate the existence of the world's smallest breed of dog, the Chihuahua dog.

May 20: National Rescue Dog Day

This event is celebrated every year, marking the importance of rescue dogs. Rescue dogs are great companions and offer great emotional support. These dogs are resilient as they have overcome obstacles and offer comfort to the family that adopts them.

May 27: International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day

Like the best of both worlds, a sporty dog that gives the impression of a toy breed combines to become King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Their large hallmark eyes and gentle, sweet, and melting expression makes them a unique breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Every last Saturday of May is observed as a celebration to mark their existence and uniqueness.

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