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Upcoming Pet Holidays For The Month Of December

30/11/2022 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

National Dog Day is on August 26, which you may have heard. But have you heard of National Pet Parents Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of April, or how about International Cat Day on August 8 and National Walk Your Dog Week from October 1-7th?

Humans celebrate many holidays in December, but pets don't get as many. While December connotes the month of winter festivities, there are numerous opportunities to include our pets in the joy, happiness, and magic of this holiday season. Just dress them in cute Christmas dresses or gift them a personalized dog collar with their name engraved in the buckle.

December 2022 Pet Holidays

Most people know the significant pet holidays, such as National Pet Day on April 11, National Pets for Veterans Day on October 21, and National Dog Week on the last full week in September. But do you know an entire December month is dedicated to cats? Read on to learn more about each December 2022 pet holiday.

Month Long Observances

  • National Cat Lovers Month:

    Sometimes, cats are misunderstood and mistreated because many perceive them as secluded and aloof. But cats make such amazing companions that an entire month has been devoted to celebrating them.

    If you already have a cat, take advantage of this month to spend quality time with them. Whip up some homemade cat treats or give them a comfortable grooming session. Or craft a cozy fleece bed to save them from the chilly winters.

    Check out personalized cat collars , Kitty Comfort, and a comfy tent bed for kittens and puppies at  CurliTail for your fur babies.

    If you don't have a cat, you can still celebrate this National Cat Lover's Month by adopting a cat from the local animal shelter. Else, save a life by providing a cat with its perfect home.

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One day Events

  • December 1: National Twin With Your Dog Day-

    This day, founded in the UK by Leo Charley & Me, encourages dog owners to dress similarly to their canine companions. It's a fun-filled day where all the crazy pet parents can match outfits and accessories with their precious furry friends.

    For instance, if your dog has a colored collar or harness, consider donning a scarf or carrying a purse that matches. You can also consider donning a cap while your dog wears a bandana that matches yours if you want your twinning to be modest. Or wear a scrunchie that matches the bow tie of your pet. Check out some dog collars with bow and leash sets at CurliTail.

  • December 2: National Mutt Day-

    On December 2 and July 31 of each year, National Mutt Day promotes the acceptance, preservation, and celebration of mixed-breed dogs.

    So, celebrate this day by adopting a mixed-breed dog. If you are not in a position to adopt a mixed-breed dog, you can still donate to support your neighborhood shelter.

    And if donations aren't your thing, then there's always volunteering. Volunteers are needed in shelters to interact with the dogs, play with them, and take them for walks. A few hours of your time can significantly impact their happiness, and happy dogs are more likely to be adopted.

  • December 5: Celebrate Shelters Pets Day-

    The Humane Society of the United States, the Ad Council, and Maddie's Fund joined to create Celebrate Shelter Pets Day in 2010. This 'Celebrate Shelter Pets Day' raises awareness for animals, such as dogs and cats, who are kept in shelters. This event started on Facebook under the name 'Shelter Pets Take Over Facebook Day.' Since then, it has expanded to all social media platforms, and over 100 pet owners are participating in the event.

    A great way to observe this day is to adopt a pet from a shelter. Or you can support a local shelter by donating supplies like food, litter, or toys for the pet animals there. And if you already have a pet from a shelter, it might be an excellent day to indulge them with treats. You can buy them goodies, a new bed, or whatever else you believe will improve their day.

  • December 9: International Day of Veterinary Medicine-

    This day acknowledges the crucial work carried out by institutions like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), whose goal and mission is to advance a powerful and cohesive veterinary sector that can safeguard both the health and welfare of humans and animals.

    So, the ideal way to commemorate this day is to extend extra kindness to your veterinarian. Send them fruit baskets or a card to show them how much you appreciate their job.

  • December 10: International Animal Rights Day-

    International Animal Rights Day honors the rights of our furry friends. This occasion is celebrated alongside Human Rights Day since humans and animals have the right to be treated respectfully, and that cruelty must cease.

    Candlelight vigils are held in honor of this day by animal lovers worldwide. The purpose of this is to promote the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also encourages people to observe this day by abstaining from eating animals and promoting adopting a vegan lifestyle.

  • December 11: Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day-

    This pet holiday was created to help animals in need worldwide, including shelter pets, stray dogs, wild cats, and those trying to provide food for their animals.

    People from all walks of life combine their resources, plan food donations to neighborhood animal shelters, and take part in volunteer work to aid needy animals.

  • December 15: National Cat Herders Day-

    National Cat Herders Day honors those who work challenging and disagreeable jobs compared to the tiresome process of herding cats. So, on this day, cherish and show gratitude to individuals who strive to accomplish seemingly difficult tasks.


Well, having a pet at home means every day is a pet holiday, and we love celebrating with our furry friends whenever we have the chance. And when it comes to festivities, how can one be complete without a brand-new, unique gift for your pet?

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