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Do Pets Like Wearing Clothes?

14/02/2023 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

Dressing up is one thing everyone likes, for it helps us identify with our personality and fashion sense. It gives us comfort and a sense of security. As pet parents, we would want to dress our pets in clothes for protection, fashion, and comfort. Pet clothes are a great way to make your furry friend feel protected and loved. But the question is, do pet animals like wearing clothes? What are the signs that your pet animal is happy or feeling discomfort with wearing clothes?

Positive Body Language


Pets make it conspicuous in their body language if they like to wear clothes, and many dogs like wearing clothes too. Fur babies' parents can make them wear new outfits and look for a change in their behavior.


Depending on their feelings, they can show excitement by wagging their tails, jumping with joy, and inviting you to play with them. If they mind wearing clothes, they may try to shake them off or try to bite the clothes they are putting on. It's time to remove the clothes if your pet continuously scratches himself.


Breathing pattern is another thing that shows if your pet friend is comfortable with what they are wearing. If your pet is breathing heavily or facing difficulty because the clothing is tight around the neck, you may want to remove your pet's clothes.

Quiet Demeanor


After you dress them up, your pet may quietly go and sleep in its comfortable bed or doesn't bark or purr much, which shows that they like what they wear. A confident look on your furry friend's face can show that it's comfortable and happy with what it wears.

However, not all dogs love to dress up or wear clothes. They may growl and bark when offered to wear certain colors and patterns or hide in corners to show that they don't like to wear them. In such circumstances, anxious dogs can be calmed down by covering them with anxiety vests or Thundershirt available at some pet shops. They provide a soothing effect and relieve stress on the dog.

Unlike humans, animals may not be comfortable wearing clothes. For instance, dogs may erect their ears when alert and feel uncomfortable in bad fabrics. So, it's always better to choose softer and more comfortable fabrics which help them relax and have easy movements.

If you feel your pet animal doesn't like to wear clothes at any moment, you should avoid dressing them up.


Dog Clothes and Weather Conditions


The cold weather is the hardest to handle in winter months, so your pet may need a sweater or jacket to stay warm. For instance, dogs with thin hair, such as beagles, cannot maintain body heat and require additional warmth to withstand the cold. One of the greatest ways to keep your canine buddies warm this winter is with a dog sweater. Your pet will appreciate wearing a coat or jacket since it prevents them from shivering. Likewise, a winter coat can help older dogs sustain cold climates and cold weather.

Please keep your dog's joints warm by wearing dog clothes covering the joints, which will ease the movement. It's paramount for the dog mom to treat her furry babies with winter coats during extreme chills.

Clothes for dog paws can give your puppies the ultimate protection if it's snowy or dewy. Your dog's paws are sensitive and need protection during dog walks in the snow. Coat the paws with paw balm to safeguard them from withering and getting dry.

Observe if the pets are actively doing their daily activities without hassles and shivering during these cold days. You are on the right track if they are playful and happy. Grab high fabric well-stitched winter jackets and sweaters from CurliTail for your mushy adorable pet friends.

Summer can be another season when your furry friends need clothes to prevent sunburn and need protection from UV rays. Scratching the body rigorously, nibbling on the clothes, and pulling the clothes clearly show that your dog or cat feels uncomfortable with what they are wearing.

Dog breeds that don't do well in summer, like an Alaskan malamute, French bulldog, Pomeranian, etc., may need extra care. Please pay attention to your pet's behavior and decide whether they need clothes.

In rainy weather, dog walks can be difficult. For instance, you may have scheduled a vet appointment; in such circumstances, your dog might need a raincoat.

Pet clothes according to weather

A Fashion Privilege to Wear Clothes

We live in a fashion-forward world, and it's imperative on us to mind our fashion sense. Dogs could grab some limelight and feel stylish by dressing up in a cute outfit for a pet fashion show. Pet owners would want to dress their pets in fancy clothes for special occasions to make them feel adored. You can buy pet accessories and dog clothes online at CurliTail to make your pet look more attractive.

Fashion shows are a way to show your furry friend you adore him and want to share his presence in your life with the world. You could dress up your pet in subtle hues and shades so they don't feel scared and confused.

Buy pet accessories online that are fashionable at CurliTail.

Medical Reasons

Medical conditions like weakened immune systems can cause skin allergies as a symptom. As your dog ages, its immune system weakens, causing lethargy, viral infections, skin irritation, itching, etc. Your vet might advise you to cover your canine friend with soft fabric pet clothes to avoid itching.

Pet clothes can be used to provide relief to animals with skin conditions or wounds. Dog clothes with gentle fabrics will help soothe the irritation around the skin. Synthetic materials should be avoided in such cases.

It may not be cruel for pets to wear clothes if it helps them.

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