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7 Best Pet Home/Mobile Grooming Services In The USA

22/09/2022 | Sandra Dunkins

What we cover in this blog ?

Pet grooming has become a necessary aspect of every pet parent's life. Grooming means a lot for fur parents as they always want the fur kids to sparkle, be healthy, and clean. 

But how many of you are anxious to take your pet in a car to a grooming service? 

Many, right? Hence, we bring a list of home/mobile grooming services for stress-free visits. If we wonder why is home/mobile grooming necessary? Because we don't want - Troublesome car rides, overcrowded centers, provide a comfortable space for pets and no wait time.

Types Of Grooming Services For Pets 

There are many pet grooming services around us, and here are the best grooming packages for your fur friend: 

  • Pet Salon/Spa services-

    The spa is an exclusive package of grooming pets like fur baby dogs and all four-legged friends. Usually, a salon/spa grooming package usually includes bathing, pedicure, fur trimming, nail trimming, clipping, etc. Pet spa centers also provide exclusive dog and cat grooming services targeting health issues like arthritis, allergies, chronic pains, etc. 

  • Medical services

    Pets are fussy or cranky when ill, so make sure to give them a proper medical service according to the requirement. Also, medicated baths, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning relieves the mood of your fur babies.

  • Sanitary services

    Most pet parents are concerned about the stinky odor from their pets. Have an appointment and get the pets treated at home with proper medication. 

  • De-shedding treatment

    It is a process of removing excess hair from your dog's undercoat. This service is usually given along with the bathing service by professional groomers.

Do you think a full grooming service alone is enough? I would say 'No.' Why not check interesting pet collars and leashes from CurliTail? 

grooming service centers in the USA | curlitail

7 Best Pet Home/Mobile Grooming Service Centers In The USA

All dog breeds, including senior/elder dogs, need grooming services. The best part of grooming services these days is all these services can also be availed by staying at home from a professional groomer. Below are a few of the best mobile/home grooming services available in the USA.

Pet Love

Pet Love is a well-reputed company from Texas that came up with the unique concept of a mobile unit provided at the client's doorsteps with a well-equipped unit and professional pet groomers. Adjustable grooming tables, vacuum, sanitization, temperature-controlled vans, etc., are their specialties.

Hollywood Mobile Grooming-

They are one of the best cat and dog mobile grooming service providers. They groom our fur babies in luxury pet spa vans and are experts at handling your pets emotionally and physically. They provide services from head to toe in a convenient environment for both pets and pet owners.


Pawgo mobile groomers vans are furnished with a grooming table, full-size tub, separate fresh and waste water tanks, air conditioning, force dryers, towels, and a vacuum system in addition to hot and cold water for pleasant temperature bathing, and with no cage drivers.

Alpha Grooming Pet Services

Alpha started the van services as pet lovers; they wanted to keep the fur babies happy and healthy and also satisfy the pet owners of fur babies. Their services are available in multiple locations across the USA. 

Collar Cuts

Collar Cuts offer mobile grooming services across Colorado and Oklahoma. You may look out for the services on their site and book a grooming appointment based on the requirements.

Furry land

Furry land is a mobile dog grooming and pet supplies that offers a healthy and friendly experience with the essentials for your pet in the home environment.


At PurrFurred Pet Styling, they offer the best grooming services for most dog and cat breeds. One can avail of the services from the nearest location or place of business in a self-contained mobile grooming salon. 

Grooming experience makes our pets happy and keeps them clean and healthy. But, we can also make them stylish and safe using the personalized pet ID collars from CurliTail. Check out more collections from Curlitail and have trendy walks and parties with your fur friends. CurliTail always strives to provide the best care and safety products to cherish every moment with pet babies.

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